Exact II

Exact II 2.27

A colorful fast passed puzzle game

eXception eXact! eXcellent game! full eXaltation! eXciting gameplay for your spend time. To collect points by removing elements from the game field by combining them. Game elements disappear from the game field by combining 3 or more elements. The level is completed when all of the elements on the game field are destroyed. The game comes to an end when you cannot throw any more elements on the game field or if you run out of time.


  • Excellent 16 bit graphics
  • Low-res and Hi-res devices support
  • Hi-res + (portrait and landscape fullscreen mode) devices support
  • Running under Palm OS 3.5 with 16 bit screen
  • Enhanced digital sound effects for Palm OS 5 devices
  • Enhanced digital music for Palm OS 5 devices (Music requires Palm Zire 71, 72, Tungsten T, T2, T3, C, E, Treo 600 or Sony TJ, TH or UX series)
  • Skinable ( 2 skins, 2 backgrouns and 2 type of gems )
  • Special game objects ( fireball, bombs, stounes, x-gems )
  • 3 type of gameplay ( arcade, strategy, timed )
  • A choose 3 difficulty level
  • Visual effects and animations
  • Undo last move
  • Hints system
  • Bonus system
  • High-scores table
  • Optimization system for memory saving

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